Wellman Golf Course

Wellman Golf Course

The city of Wellman is looking to update its ordinance regarding the use of small vehicles in the city.

On Monday, city council members discussed what changes they might like to see.

“A lot of people are not using golf carts for the golf course,” council member Bob Goodrich said. “Kids are just driving around.”

The city’s current regulations apply to small, slow motorized vehicles operating within the city, including (but not limited to) golf carts, lawn tractors, electric scooters and motorized wheelchairs being operated upon any street, road, sidewalk, public path or public lands.

They stipulate that:

• The driver or operator of the vehicle shall possess a valid driver’s license, unless the vehicle is a medically necessary motorized wheelchair or other medically necessary device.

• The small vehicle shall be operated only between sunrise and sunset.

• The vehicle shall be equipped with adequate braking devices and other safety equipment appropriate for the vehicle.

• The vehicle shall be equipped with at least one of the following safety devices: bicycle safety flag, red lights on the rear of the vehicle, an amber flashing light on the rear of the vehicle, or a slow moving vehicle sign.

In addition, the vehicle cannot be operated in either the east or westbound lanes on Highway 22 and can only cross the highway at the Seventh Avenue intersection.

Council member Shannon McCain pointed out that the stipulation that a golf cart driver must have a license creates a scenario where a student with a school permit could drive a car to the golf course in Kalona to practice but could not legally drive a golf cart to the golf course in Wellman.

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James Jennings, News Editor at The News, can be reached at news@kalonanews.com

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