A game that featured eight turnovers, a negative 3-yard punt and only 12 points in regulation was absolutely ugly. That ugliness faded as soon as Jarrett Hoffman made the game-winning catch in overtime. 

After Jack Pennington picked off the Williamsburg quarterback during the Raiders offensive possession, the game had two potential endings. The first, Mid-Prairie could score any way and win. The other was that if Mid-Prairie did not score the game would end in a 6-6 tie. 

After a short gain on first down, Mid-Prairie set up with a pair of receivers to the right and Hoffman lined up alone on the left side. Because the Williamsburg safety cheated to the side with multiple receivers, quarterback Will Cavanagh made the decision to send the ball Hoffman’s way on the slant. 

The Mid-Prairie sophomore wasn’t expecting the ball to come his way, but his third catch of the season was his biggest. After hauling in the catch the entire freshman-sophomore team rushed down the field to swarm Hoffman in the end zone. 

After the game, Hoffman said it was an unbelievable feeling to make the catch and definitely the highlight of his football career so far. 

Aydin Kutcher had a pair of interceptions during the game.

The junior varsity team hosted Williamsburg in a rematch on Monday night. The Golden Hawks won by the same 12-6 score. 

The Hawks scored two rushing touchdown. Caleb Vercande put Mid-Prairie on the board with 5-yard rush in the first quarter. 

Williamsburg tied the game at six in the fourth quarter, but a Braden Hartley 4-yard rush gave Mid-Prairie the lead and the win. 

The Hawks rushed for 147 yards in the win. The freshman-sophomore team and junior team are a combined 7-0 this season. 

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