The Highland girls track team opened their season with an indoor meet at the University of Northern Iowa on Monday. 

The indoor meet features teams from all classes and is the opening competition for most teams. 

Defending Class 1A long jump champion Emily Yahnke had the highest finish of any of the Huskies with a 35th-place finish in the long jump at 14-feet 11-inches. 

Other top-100 finishes included Sarah Schneider in the 200-meter dash at 78th, Kristy Thomann at 99th in the 200. Aly Stokes was 63rd in the long jump and Kaylee Rath finished 68th in the shot put. 

The Highland 4x400-meter relay team finished highest in 48th place with a time of 5:13.29.

The Highland boys team ran at UNI’s boys high school meet on Tuesday.  

Results (place, name, time)

60-meter dash — 104, Emily Yahnke, 8.88; 110, Aly Stokes, 8.92; 211, Grace Batcheller, 10.09.

60-meter hurdles — 115, Mackinze Hora, 11.70; 140, Grace Huffman, 12.19; 150, Jalynn Brown, 12.59.

200-meter dash — 78, Sarah Schneider, 30.03; 99, Kristy Thomann, 30.41; 209, Madeline Peiffer, 35.24.

400-meter dash — 165, Emma Soukup, 1:17.11; 196, Fiona Deburn, 1:32.13.

800-meter run — 112, Fiona Mahler, 3:07.69; 129, Alli Brand, 3:15.56; 131, Emma Soukup, 3:16.88.

Long jump — 35, Emily Yahnke, 14-11; 63, Aly Stokes, 14-03.

Shot put — 68, Kaylee Rath, 30-07; 111, Abbie Miller, 27-10.5.

4x200-meter relay — 70, 2:05.13.

4x400-meter relay — 48, 5:13.29.

4x800-meter relay — 57, 12:36.52.

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