Christine Yancey

New Riverside City Administrator Christine Yancey, left, talks with City Clerk Becky LaRoche before the City Council meeting Monday night.

The city of Riverside can expect to see a new face around town beginning July 11.

Christine Yancey, former city administrator of Lisbon, was chosen to be the city administrator for Riverside. 

The City Council voted to approve the employment agreement 4-1, with Councilperson Tom Sexton voting against it. Sexton said he opposed adding a new position to the city payroll.

The City Council had narrowed the pool of candidates down to four applicants before choosing Yancey.

Her past experience was largely the deciding factor, said Mayor Allen Schneider, who added that a city administrator was a “position we need.”

As city administrator, one of her top priorities will be Riverside’s economic development.

“We want controlled growth,” she said, adding that she would be working closely with the Highland School District to make sure that it can accommodate the city’s planned growth.

The city is currently working on the Northern Heights Project, that could bring more than 70 new houses and apartments to the city.

Yancey will work on a redesign of the city’s website, as well as implementing signage along highways entering the area, particularly Highway 218, indicating the city’s presence.

This will not be Yancey’s first time working as a city administrator.

She worked as the city administrator for the city of Lisbon for six years.

Before that, she worked as an administrative assistant for the city of Mount Vernon for 11 years. She briefly returned to the position in 2014.

Yancey will receive a base salary of $71,000.

The search for someone to fill the new position began earlier this year. It was led by Brent Hinson of Hinson Consulting.

The hiring process involved interviews in varying settings, both formal and informal, to see how well the candidates performed.

Schneider said that throughout these interviews, Yancey appeared to have a “good outlook” for the city going forward.

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