Riverside City Council members are tired of people speeding through town.

Monday night, they called for City Administrator Christine Yancey to begin steps to set a 25 mph speed limit from city limit to city limit on Highway 22.

“We’re just trying to slow the traffic through here to keep our kids from getting hit,” Councilperson Bob Schneider Jr. said.

That recommendation flies in the face of a recommendation by state Department of Transportation traffic operations technician Brad Lauderman who recommended increasing speed limits by 5 mph based on a speed study conducted in August 2016.

The city currently has a number of speed zones throughout town. Starting on the west and traveling east, the speed limit is 40 mph coming into town. It drops to 30 mph and then 25 mph approaching downtown. After downtown, the speed limit increases to 30 mph through the curves and then 35 mph and 45 mph to the city limits.

Outside the city limits, the speed limit is 55 mph.

“Just uncomplicate it, and make it 25 all through there,” Councilperson Tom Sexton said.

Yancey said that Lauderman told her that enforcement is an issue. 

“When I talked with him on the phone, he said the biggest thing is we have to enforce it on a consistent basis,” she said.

Councilperson Edgar McGuire agreed.

“I think we have a real problem … with the enforcement of anything,” he said.

The current speed limits were set in 1986 by the state Department of Transportation.

A crash analysis completed by the state and provided to the city shows 14 accidents on Highway 22 between 2009 and 2019. All were property damage only accidents.

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