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The Riverside Casino and Golf Resort is prepping its Draft Day facility to house its Elite Sportsbook, which opens Aug. 15.

After more than a year of preparation and anticipation, the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort will open its sports book on Aug. 15.

This spring, the state legislature passed a law allowing sports wagering in the state, and the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission finalized the rules last week.

Riverside General Manager Dan Franz said that the casino has been working to get ready for next week’s sports book launch.

“We’ve been working diligently to establish rules, internal controls and procedures to be ready to serve the public on Aug. 15,” Franz said. “A lot of work was done after the law was in place to have sports betting with integrity.”

Even before the legislation passed, Riverside began working on an $11 million renovation, which included repurposing a high-limit room and VIP lounge into its Draft Day facility, which will house the sports book.

“We’re still working on things for the sports book, like adding TVs, betting windows and kiosks,” Franz said.

Riverside’s sports book will be called Elite Sportsbook.

“Elite Sportsbook is our own entity,” Franz explained, adding that some other casinos around the state opted to contract out their sports book operations.

They are partnering with BetWorks for sports betting technology.

“BetWorks operates the system behind taking wagers,” Franz said. “They will be setting the lines, marketing and deciding what bets to offer and accept.”

There will be two aspects of the sports book: In-person wagering and online wagering.

Franz said that people will be able to make bets online by going to However, state law mandates that people must set up an account in person first.

Franz said people will have to sign up in person to become Resort Club members.

“Resort Club members have already been vetted,” he said.

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