Highway 22 Construction

Brian Patrick and Alex Olson of Triple B Construction survey an area between South Hickory Street and East Second Street in Riverside as a line of cars begins to form at the traffic signal behind them.

Extending beyond its deadline and into the first few weeks of school, the end of the Highway 22 project in Riverside is on the horizon.

At the request of the City Council, Brad Jipp, owner and president of Triple B Construction, the contractor for the project, provided a schedule detailing the final weeks of the project at the council’s Aug. 5 meeting.

Work is scheduled to be completed mid-September – three weeks after the first day of school.

“We all wish it were going faster, too,” Jipp said. 

In the outline provided to the council, the last day of construction work is scheduled for Aug 30.

Progress is currently being made on the north side of the highway, with traffic flowing through the construction zone along a single lane.

Work will begin on the eastbound lane of the highway sometime between Aug. 8 and 10, prompting the single lane of traffic to switch to the westbound lane. 

This lane switch will provide access to the highway for residents living along streets on the north side of the highway, such as St. Mary’s and Sycamore.

Residents of St. Mary’s Street can breathe a sigh of relief as crews will resume work on their street the week of Aug 12. 

Changes to the project plan, unexpected obstacles and bad weather caused delays for the project.

Work on the street began more than a year ago. Several changes were made to the plan, prompting work to run longer than initially expected. 

Contractors set aside the first two weeks of September for job-site cleanup, with the final date on the schedule Sept. 13. 

Construction has passed its July 22 deadline by more than two weeks.

According to the initial contract for the project, a $500 penalty will be incurred by the contractors for every day past this deadline that work is not complete.

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