Highway 22 Construction

Brian Patrick and Alex Olson of Triple B Construction survey an area between South Hickory Street and East Second Street in Riverside as a line of cars begins to form at the traffic signal behind them.

Coasting past its deadline and toward its one-year anniversary, an end to the Highway 22 project in Riverside is nowhere in sight.

The Riverside City Council set July 22 as the project’s completion date at its May 20 meeting.

As the date came and went, the project was still in full swing.

Residents of St. Mary’s Street have been feeling the effects of the ongoing project since it began a year ago.

“We have to park back behind our house, so we’re walking through our neighbor’s yard to get to our house,” said Elisa Lyons, a resident of St. Mary’s Street.

Lyons’ driveway, which is situated at the corner of St. Mary’s Street and Highway 22, was torn up last week as work continued on that section of the highway.

The project, which includes the installation of sidewalks, storm drains, curbs, gutters and asphalt, has reduced the highway to a single lane to allow traffic to continue to flow as work is being done.

The council made additions to the project after work had begun, including the installation of some sidewalks and driveways on the east side of town and a switch from seal coating to asphalt on St. Mary’s Street.

These additional steps take time, said Brad Jipp, owner of Triple B Construction, contractor for the Highway 22 project. 

“I would say the project is about 80 percent done,” said project manager Scott Pottorff of MMS Consultants.

The initially agreed-upon date of completion was May 31, 2019. The council voted to extend that deadline after a wet fall and spring limited the number of working days for the construction crew.

Triple B Construction is based out of Wilton — a 50 minute drive from Riverside. 

“It’s a stressful work environment, too, with all those cars. People want us out on weekends, but when you’re working about 60 hours a week, that’s about all your nerves can take,” Jipp said.

“My No. 1 priority is that we’re safe. My No. 2 priority is that our job gets done right,” Jipp said.

In the initial contract for the project, it was agreed that contractors will incur a $500 penalty for each day that work is not completed past the deadline. 

“We’re really pushing for them to be done by the time school starts,” said City Clerk Becky LaRoche.

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Dan hampel


Dear Triple B Construction and to whom it may concern,

I am a resident of Riverside, Ia. Over the course of the summer I have sustained 4 damaged-beyond-repair tires due to the delayed roadwork as well as multiple other costly damages to several of my vehicles. As taxpayers and residents of Riverside and surrounding We have begun a door-to-door petition to legally seek compensation from your company, Triple B Construction. Triple B Construction has admittedly breeched its contractual agreement to fulfill it's sworn obligations to finish road construction by a mutually agreed upon date. Among those who are set to be represented as victims of this claim are local citizens of the towns of Wilton, Lone Tree, Riverside, Kalona, Wellman, Kinross and various other cities and residential regions including Iowa City and the Greater Corridor Area. Being produced are many documented and reported damages to vehicles so far totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars AT LEAST. Highway 22 is a State highway through Riverside, Iowa and the town's main thoroughfare acting as a vital route for many local taxpayers. Riverside is a city just 20 minutes away from the most traveled interstate in the North American continent. By every stretch of the imagination the inconvenience of the unfinished road work being halted by your company's lack of progress has cost travelers and tax payers far more in vehicle damages and unnecessary wear and repair costs than should be expected of anyone who isn't considered to be AT LEAST a criminal in debt of restitution to the State. Consequently, for the thousands of daily drivers who are suffering financially and sometimes even medically due to the hazardous road conditions and delayed travel times to and from the University of Iowa hospitals and Clinics ALONE, the only recourse now available is a class action lawsuit against Triple B Construction.

Working with close legal guidance from within the The University of Iowa College of Law, the current community action being taken to move this class action effort forward will rest ONLY if a public statement on the tentative completion of construction will be issued by your establishment. The taxpayers and the People of the State of Iowa will require said public statement to cite a date of completion subsequent of fulfillment of the current contract which binds Triple B Construction and the City of Riverside. All claims and promises made in this public statement which we are demanding of Triple B Construction MUST BE IMMEDIATELY OBSERVABLE-IN-ACTION and AGAIN, offered with a definitive promissory-of-completion date and in the next 72 hours, beginning at 8am, Thursday, August 15th, 2019.

We await your public statement on this matter.


We should control the project and finish it in time; as the project is so big to finsh

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