This week, I filed a complaint with the Iowa Public Information Board to gather more information on the number of sexual harassment complaints in state government. 

The move comes after the Reynolds administration and Director of Administrative Services Janet Phipps denied multiple requests from state lawmakers to gather aggregate information on harassment cases and claims in state government. 

Over the last two years, the taxpayers of Iowa have shelled out $7.5 million in settlements related to sexual harassment. 

The refusal of Director Phipps to provide basic information to legislators that would help us understand the scope of the problem and solve the sexual harassment crisis in state government is beyond disappointing.  

As a legislator, it is my job to not only be a good steward of taxpayer money, but also to protect employees of the state. 

By keeping lawmakers in the dark, Director Phipps is fostering a culture of secrecy in state government that leaves taxpayers at risk of paying millions more in harassment settlements.


The First Funnel

We reached an important deadline in the Legislature this week, which helps narrow down the number of bills eligible for debate as we approach adjournment.  

Called the first funnel, there were lots of long committee meetings to get bills out of committee and ready for debate on the House floor as the next deadline looms in just a few weeks. 

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