We are now about halfway through the 2019 legislative session. 

March 8 was the last day for bills – other than budget or tax bills – to win approval from a House or Senate committee to remain eligible for consideration.

Thanks to all who have spoken up to help keep good initiatives alive and on their way to becoming law. And another big “thank you” to Iowans who have raised the alarm to stop bad bills that could hurt their families and their communities. Your vigilance and your voices make a big difference.

A few bipartisan successes moving ahead include:

• Ensuring every vote counts (HF 608).

• Improving mental health care for Iowa children (SF 479).

    • Preventing professionals from losing their license if they fall behind in repaying student loans (SF 304).

• Using technology and other innovative solutions to make up school snow days (SF 480).

Iowans tell us they are frustrated by the growing influence of special interests in state government. 

In recent years, the governor and Legislature have imposed policies that don’t reflect Iowa values and aren’t in the best interest of Iowans. 

That’s led to stagnant wages, rising health care costs and more Iowans living paycheck to paycheck.

I support a plan to Put Iowans First again by focusing on our shared values of fairness, compassion, dignity, equality and liberty. That means:

• Bringing better jobs to every Iowa community.

• Affordable, accessible health care and mental health care for all Iowans.

• Making Iowa schools the best in the country again.

• Revitalizing our small towns and rural areas by building on what makes them unique.

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