On March 29, Gov. Reynolds announced UnitedHealthcare is leaving Iowa’s managed care program. 

Since they currently manage 70% of Iowans on Medicaid, it means 425,000 Iowans will have their health care disrupted again, including thousands of our most vulnerable who have long-term disabilities or debilitating illnesses. 

I’ve heard from many Iowans – both patients and providers – who are fed up with Medicaid privatization.  

Since privatization happened a few years ago, it has been fraught with problems, and it keeps getting worse. 

It isn’t saving money for Iowa’s taxpayers, providers aren’t getting paid, and it isn’t improving access to health care. 

The refusal of the governor and Republicans in the House and Senate to acknowledge the mess that they have created is not just a matter of disagreeing on policy, it is reckless and puts Iowans lives at risk. 

That’s why I joined my colleagues and offered a commonsense plan this week to end Medicaid privatization and prevent another health care disruption for Iowans.  

First, the most vulnerable Iowans who need long-term assistance would move back under the control of Iowans to guarantee they get the care they need and providers aren’t shortchanged.  

Second, Medicaid privatization would end on June 30, and the governor and lawmakers would be forced to work together to develop a system that ends the disruptions and actually improves access to health care. 

After numerous personal accounts of the devastating affects suffered by Iowans, Republicans kept quiet and continued to put their head in the sand, rejecting our plan on a party-line vote. 

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