Week 8 was funnel week, and it was mostly a blur. I was extremely busy with all the bills coming through the Public Safety Committee and running many bills myself. 

Funnel week consisted of subcommittees and committees, drafting final bills and multiple amendments. Many of the bills we passed through committee this week will be seeing floor debate soon. 

It will be nice to be able to pass more legislation on the floor and send it to the Senate.

Most of the focus is the good legislation that succeeds, but it’s also important to highlight how the funnel helps weed out bad policy. 

   Below are some bills sent to the House Public Safety Committee that will not survive the funnel deadline.

  • HF 32: “May” Issue Permit Policy.

 This bill would take Iowa back to a “may” issue permit.  

This allows a county sheriff to deny a law-abiding Iowan a firearms permit for any reason, or no reason at all. 

The bill also allows a sheriff to deny a person a firearms permit if they were found not guilty of a crime, or if they had charges against them dismissed. 

• HF 65: Ban on “large capacity” ammunition feeding devices

HF 65 makes it an aggravated misdemeanor to buy, sell or even possess any ammunition feeding device that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition. 

The bill makes no consideration for business selling these magazines, or law-abiding Iowans who own them under current law.  

The language is so extreme, it seems to require law enforcement to confiscate these devices from everyone. There are no exceptions for currently owned devices, or for law enforcement. 

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