Most Americans would agree one-party countries, like the Russian Federation or People’s Republic of China, are not the best manner in which to run a country, let alone to live under authoritarian rule. Likewise, many would contend one-party controlled states, like Iowa, are problematic to her residents.

For the first time since 1914, there is only one divided legislature in America: Minnesota. Nebraska’s legislature has been non-partisan since 1937. Nineteen states are autocratically run by the Democrats, and 30 states, including Iowa, are under totalitarian GOP control.

Since 1992, Iowa Democrats and Republicans have, at various times, established a trifecta (i.e., governor’s office, House and Senate) dominance. Democrats owned Iowa’s Capitol during 2007-2010, and Republicans had Draconian control in 1997-1998 as well as since the 2016 election.

There are many problems when autocrats govern.

Back in 2007-2010, the Democrat-controlled Capitol ran rough-shod over Iowa’s citizens on a lot of labor-related issues including fair share payment of collective bargaining negotiation costs by non-union members, requiring the prevailing wage on public construction projects and choice of doctor by employee (versus employer) when a work injury occurred.

  The Democrats instilled an across-the-board budget cut for all state agencies. However, the Democrats were supportive of women’s rights, education, handicapped, disadvantaged and protecting bullied children.

Since 2016 it is blatantly apparent the Republicans are walking all over Iowa’s residents on five issues: attempt to overrule Roe v. Wade federal abortion rights law, local control is becoming extinct, judicial and even assessor office holders will become political positions, 1880’s-like Wild-Wild-West gun rights have re-emerged, and voter suppression is ruling the roost.

It is high time voters recognize one-party domination at Iowa’s Capitol is exceedingly dangerous. When we vote in the 2020 election, let’s vow to restore checks and balances with a split party government, restore bipartisanship and restore prudent policy making.


Steve Corbin is a non-paid freelance opinion editor and guest columnist contributor to more than 100 newspapers in six states.

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