Sometimes, just trying to think is a big order for me; meditation is an even bigger stretch. 

Recently I decided to give it a try, but not before attempting to analyze and justify why and how I should go about it. 

What came to mind was an old trick we farm people have fun with. We have a lot of others, too, but I won’t go into that right now. The trick is hypnotizing a chicken. 

We usually chose a hen; roosters are always becoming distracted by everything going on around them. 

The trick (for those of you who have never done it or heard of it) is to cuddle a hen in the crook of your arm, preferably facing you so you can enjoy the results. When she is calm and relaxed, run your forefinger down the length of her beak to the tip. You may have to do that several times, especially if a rooster happens to stroll by about that time and distracts her attention. 

Give the rooster a kick to restore the scene, and when you have her fully back to attention, retrace the finger strokes until her eyes focus (kind of glaze over). She is now in a meditative mode. 

I have no idea what she might be meditating about, but she is definitely somewhere else in her mind. You can then carefully place her back on the ground and walk away. Don’t worry; she’ll come out of it on her own sometime soon, all depending on the distraction involved: a bug crawling by, a cramp in her leg, or a rooster (uh, yeah…). 

Not being really clear on how this kind of meditation would work with humans and how exactly the approach should be initiated I decided to try the nose-stroking method on me, just in case it might work.

It’s not easy to stroke one’s own nose without poking oneself in the eye, or worse. But, losing one’s attention is even more complicating. It’s distracting to order one’s self to do something while trying not to pay attention to what one is doing. 

It soon became obvious it was not going to happen easily, besides I had never seen or heard of it being done that way.

The only alternative appeared to be asking someone else to stroke my nose. If I could even convince someone to do that there could be all kinds of complications involved.

I quickly abandoned the theory and attempted to put myself into a trance by simply focusing on an object. I knew it had to be non-moving. That ruled out clocks, cats, telephone or doorbell ringing, definitely television (on) and nearly everything else around me. 

I finally centered on a spot on the wall close by and that seemed to be working fine until my nose began to itch (distraction). 

I started again, focusing back on the spot, but suddenly it began to take on the appearance of being two spots (I blinked, and it became one, again) and then it moved. It was a bug. 

I’ll have to give this more thought … some other time.

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