A new study shows Iowa’s renewable fuels industry is a driver of good jobs and a strong economy. 

Homegrown biofuels benefit Iowa farmers, our rural economy and the environment.

Iowa leads the nation in biofuels production, generating more than $5 billion worth of product. 

Iowa’s biofuels industry supports nearly 50,000 jobs and $2.5 billion in household income.

I hope we can continue building on these successes. Iowa has a strong record of bipartisan support for policies that support and promote renewable fuels.

Unfortunately, uncertainty around the federal renewable fuels standard (RFS), E-15, tax policy and trade limit our ability to maximize Iowa’s potential for job creation, household earnings and homegrown fuels. 

We need the federal government to step up and provide farmers, producers and marketers the certainty they need to make long-term business decisions.

Maximizing Iowa’s renewable fuels potential is good for our health and the environment by reducing carbon emissions by 43 percent or more. 

The Environmental and Energy Study Institute reports that ethanol “reduces harmful volatile organic compound emissions, displaces cancer-causing emissions and reduces smog-forming potential, as well as cuts greenhouse gas emissions.”

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