LT Volleyball Lock in

The Lone Tree volleyball team takes a selfie before their first practice at midnight on Monday morning. 

When the clock struck midnight on Monday morning, it was go time for the Lone Tree volleyball team.

The fall sports season officially started on Monday morning and the Lady Lions took advantage of that with their annual lock-in to start the season. 

Once the day officially turned to Monday, the team took the court for a two-hour practice. 

“We can’t get on the court until midnight and it is exciting to wait,” Lone Tree coach Lora Sieverding said. 

Sieverding said she and coach Sonda Prybil have joked that maybe they should have more midnight practices with how well that first midnight practice seemed to go. 

Tired out by 2 a.m., the team then starts in on “team culture and team building” activities. The players plan out team and individual goals while also working to learn what it means to be a part of the Lone Tree volleyball team. 

Sieverding said that they move on to captain interviews later in the night as girls apply and try out to be captains for the team. 

Then until 6 a.m. the team sets out to relax. 

“We all bring air mattresses and sleeping bags and what not,” Sieverding said. “It is all about team building and getting excited for the season.”

This year was the fourth or fifth year of the lock in according to Sieverding and she said it has been a great way to get the team excited.

With the fall sports season starting out of the school year, she said it provides them a unique opportunity to hold an event like this. 

The team is now into a week of two-a-day practices and school begins next week. 

The Lone Tree volleyball team will join two other area teams, Mid-Prairie and Highland at the Keota High School tournament on August 26. 

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