Jaxon Mullinnix, the Lone Tree High School valedictorian, has been named a 2019 Presidential Scholar.

A Lone Tree High School senior has been named as one of the nation’s top high school scholars for 2019.

Jaxon Mullinnix is one of 161 high school seniors from around the country who was named a 2019 Presidential Scholar.

“The connections I’m going to make from being a Presidential Scholar are priceless,” Mullinnix said. “It’s easy to let these recognitions go to your head. No matter what red carpet is rolled out in front of me, I know there’s nothing special about me, and I am where I am because I worked hard.”

He will travel to Washington, D.C., in June to receive a Presidential Scholar medallion.

“This is a testament to the Lone Tree community and Jaxon for taking advantage of every opportunity given here,” Lone Tree Superintendent Ken Crawford said. “He has not passed up an opportunity and worked as hard as possible to maximize every opportunity.”

Making the most of every opportunity has been a hallmark of Mullinnix’s high school career.

“I’m very involved here in just about everything, which comes with being in a small school,” Mullinnix said. “I’m in National Honor Society, FFA and Spanish Club. I’ve played basketball and golf. I’ve run track and been on the Student Leadership Team.”

He said that he has tried to utilize his involvement in various organizations to shape his vision.

“In FFA, I’ve been on the leadership end of speaking about the environment and educating people on what agriculturalists are doing to solve world hunger,” he said. “With National Honor Society, I’m building my skills so I can actually go out an enact change.”

He credits Lone Tree FFA Adviser Bridget Mahoney for getting him on the right track when he took an agriculture course during his freshman year.

“If I could credit it to someone, it would be Mrs. Mahoney, the FFA adviser here,” Mullinnix said. “I would not have done any of this without Mrs. Mahoney being my friend, my teacher, my mentor. She influenced me in a way that I hope I can influence someone in the future.”

Mullinnix conceded that he was not a traditional FFA kid.

“I wasn’t a typical FFA student,” he said. “I grew up right in the center of Lone Tree.”

Mahoney praised his work in her programs.

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