Kids in Snow

Lacey and Jeremiah Patterson play in the snow.

Following a Thanksgiving weekend snowstorm that dropped about a foot of snow on the area, winter 2018-19 has been remarkably mild.

There was no white Christmas, and on a handful of days, temperatures flirted with the 60-degree mark.

However last week, winter arrived with a vengeance. Back-to-back storms brought snow and ice, followed by a polar vortex bringing historically low temperatures.

As a result, area students have not been in school since Friday, Jan. 18, and as of Tuesday morning, classes are canceled through Wednesday.

The slew of school closings has left school administrators scrambling to figure out how to make up for time lost.

Mid-Prairie Superintendent Mark Schneider told the school board Monday that the district has already used up any cushion built into the schedule.

The state requires schools to have a minimum of 1,080 hours of class time. This year’s district calendar has a total of 1,088 of class time.

Schneider explained that as of Monday night, the district was on pace to be short 26.7 hours – or 4.2 days.

“This assumes no more canceled days, late starts or early outs for weather,” he told the board.

By using Presidents’ Day (Feb. 18) as a weather make-up day, the projected last day of school for the district would be June 6. That does not take into account Tuesday morning’s announcement that school would be canceled both Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Schneider said he has been brainstorming with administrators to come up with other ways to make up the missed days.

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