Water Shop

The Water Shop owners are, from left, Torey, Brad, Audrey and Bud Miller.

The Water Shop has been helping to address water issues for 25 years now.

Bud and Audrey Miller opened The Water Shop in a small shop beside their home in the spring of 1994.

Bud had worked in the water conditioning business for about 15 years before opening the business. And before that, in well water drilling. 

The business grew quickly, and in 1997, the Millers built a 30-foot-by-60-foot building next to their home to accommodate the growth.

Working with homebuilders and businesses throughout eastern Iowa, The Water Shop continued to grow. Within 10 years, they needed an even larger facility.

The Millers owned some land in Frytown, just a half mile west of Highway 1.

They decided that was the right location for a new facility, even providing room for future expansion.

They moved into the new building, located on the north side of 500th Street, in 2008 and have been there ever since.

“Our new location helps us better serve our customers,” Audrey said when the new building opened. “This also gives us better exposure and accessibility.”

Sons Brad and Torey Miller now work for the company, with Bud passing his experience on to the next generation.

The Water Shop offers several different types of water treatment systems from Hellenbrand, including calcium, iron and sulfur filtration, drinking water systems, water softening systems, ultraviolet systems and chemical injection.

They also help maintain the systems with filter changes and a salt delivery service. Although the company sells Hellenbrand equipment, they service just about any brand of water conditioning equipment.

In his 40-plus year history, Bud’s expertise and passion for the water industry has grown, and he is now passing it on to the next generation.  In addition to his sons, Brad and Torey Miller, other employees include Dean Schrock, Dan Herrig, Matt Hochstedler, Justin Brokaw, Amy Landis, Aaron Gingerich, Andrew Boland, Rylan Beachy, Ben Stone, Justin Schrock and Tom Weldon.  

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