The first set of ratings-percentage index (RPI) rankings were released this week, giving teams across the state a look at where they stand in the playoff picture. 

The ratings formula works by using winning percentage (37.5%), opponents’ winning percentage (37.5%) and opponents’ opponents’ winning percentage (25%). 

One update to the system this year is that three-way ties for the district title will be broken by highest RPI. 

In Class 2A, Mid-Prairie is currently 36th of 54 teams with an RPI of .4391. Of teams with a 3-3 record they are 11th of 11 teams. Six teams with two wins appear above the Golden Hawks in the rankings. 

In Class A, the Highland Huskies are 20th of 61 teams in Class A. They have an RPI of .5358 and are the seventh of 12 teams with a 4-2 record. Two of their final three opponents (Belle Plaine, Cardinal) are above them in the rankings. BGM is the top ranked team in Class A District 6 at seventh in the rankings. 

The first set of rankings are promising for 3-3 Lone Tree. They are the top team of 10 with that record at 27th in 8-Player and appear above one team with five wins. 

The Lions are helped out by a particularly tough schedule this year. 

The Lions remaining games come against Iowa Valley (17th), WACO (35th) and English Valleys (24th). 

The top ranked team in 8-Player District 4 is HLV at eighth. 

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