Lynn Whaley of WEMIGA, which operates the county’s solid waste and recycling center, told Washington County supervisors Tuesday that landfill tonnage was considerably down in September with a “huge increase in commercial accounts” doing recycling.  

As of Oct. 1, the center is now charging for the recyclables. 

Whaley said, “August was higher than any other month this year for recycling.” 

In practical terms, it means less is going into landfills, giving the county  a savings, to date, of $410.50 on dumping fees.

The report also showed that since 2015, when the contract with WEMIGA began, landfill tonnage has gone from a high of 231.65 in July 2015 to 86.82 in July of this year.  

For the four years since 2015, July consistently has seen the highest solid waste numbers.

Whaley also reported that Washington city residents are not permitted to drop off recyclables at the county-owned Lexington Boulevard center.  

However, they may bring in appliances, CRTs and tires, but as of Oct. 1 the fee for this service will be higher.

As for the county residents who use the services, Whaley said, “We are developing an ongoing list of customers who use the center and verifying they area rural residents. An ID will be given (to them) once verified.”  

Also on Tuesday, the board approved the county applying for a $4,800 grant from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation (WCRF) for automated external defibrillators devices, storage cabinets and transport bags for the county’s emergency services.

The board also learned that the FAA and the state Historical Preservation commission has questions regarding installation of radio towers for the county’s state-mandated communications equipment and  building update. 

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