The intersection of Highways 1 and 22 will soon get a bit of a makeover.

Kalona City Administrator Ryan Schlabaugh said that the signage at the intersection will be replaced by the Iowa Department of Transportation.

“There have been some complaints about the aesthetics of the barrel stop signs,” Schlabaugh said. “They look temporary.”

The barrel stop signs will be replaced with reflective red posts with stop signs.

Schlabaugh said that the new signs will be in the same proximity of the barrel signs.

The DOT will also clear up some confusion caused by other signage at the intersection.

Drivers are only required to yield to traffic when making right turns, but the signage is confusing to some, with signs indicating a stop sign is ahead preceding the yield signs.

“They will probably remove the ‘stop ahead’ signs and replace them with a ‘right lane yield’ sign,” Schlabaugh said.

He added that he anticipates that the DOT will make the sign changes some time in the next 30 days.

There have also been complaints about the striping at the intersection.

Schlabaugh said that the DOT tested new striping patterns when the intersection was re-done last year.

“The test striping failed,” he said.

However, the new striping will not be painted until next year.

“(DOT) wants to go another season,” Schlabaugh said. “They don’t want to have to grind down the paint, so they’ll wait through another winter.”

Another concern brought to the DOT’s attention was the ruts in the shoulders along Highway 22 by the Kalona City Park.

“We’ve had citizens express concerns about the shoulders by the park,” Schlabaugh said. “The ruts are hard on the horses.”

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