The commencement ceremony for the Mid-Prairie High School Class of 2019 was held on Sunday afternoon in a packed gym.

Seniors Lola Knight and Evan Meader spoke for the graduates, giving their senior reflections.

Knight called the members of the Class of 2019 “determined, talented and proud,” even recalling a sixth-grade assembly where the class was called the “worst class in 25 years.”

“We are at the starting line of becoming accomplished human beings,” she said. “Now we are all at peak potential.” 

Meader spoke about how persistence is a human trait.

“All we can do is persist and keep moving forward until we’ve outlasted all of our struggles,” Meader said. “You have all the persistence you need to complete all of your goals in the future.”

Following the senior reflections, Principal Jay Strickland recognized valedictorian Kessa Jones and salutatorians Lynn Becker and Olivia Quinby.

Superintendent Mark Schneider reminded the class that they did not get where they are alone, recognizing the efforts of parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, the school board and the district’s faculty and staff.

“Sitting before you is the Mid-Prairie Senior High School graduating Class of 2019. In order to reach today, the graduates successfully accepted the opportunities and challenges they encountered through their elementary and secondary years, but they did not do it alone,” Schneider said.

In closing remarks, Strickland spoke about the importance of using attention, time and energy wisely.

“These resources will always go toward something,” Strickland said. “You will give your attention to something, spend your time somewhere and expend your energy somehow. 

“I encourage you to focus your attention on the things that matter to you in life, use your time wisely on those things, make it count, and expend your energy to reach your goals.”

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