Courage Ride

Courage Ride takes riders through the scenic Amish countryside near Kalona.

Courage Ride, an annual charity bike ride benefiting the University of Iowa’s sarcoma cancer research, will roll out this year from Big Grove Brewery and Taproom in Iowa City on Saturday, Aug. 17. 

For the past 14 years, Courage Ride has started from the Iowa Mennonite School near Kalona. 

The change in venue is part of a long-term strategy to grow the event in the Corridor. 

Six updated routes will continue to take riders through the scenic Amish countryside near Kalona and out as far as North English and Millersburg. 

But this year, all routes will begin at Big Grove in Iowa City then head south along the Iowa River through Hills and Riverside before returning to Big Grove. 

Iowa Mennonite School – now Hillcrest Academy – will continue to serve as a rest stop for longer routes.

“We have been overjoyed with the success and growth of Courage Ride over the past several years,” said Courage Ride Director Leora Houghton. “We get high marks for putting on a quality event and we have made a significant impact supporting the Sarcoma Cancer Research Program at the University of Iowa’s Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

“But we need to accommodate growth and enhance the rider experience. We believe our move to Big Grove Brewery in Iowa City allows us to do that and provide even an greater donation to the cancer research programs at the university.”

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