Jenelle Bender

Occupation: Retired

Family: Husband, Dwight; son, Kelby and wife, Leanne Bender of Kalona; daughter, Tiffani and husband, Richie, Davis of Mooresville, N.C.; grandchildren Madelyn and Morgan Bender, and Lilly and Drew Davis.


Why are you running for City Council?

I have lived and worked in this community for most of my life. I want Kalona to be the best it can be.


What do you think qualifies you to serve on the City Council?

Experience with city government. I served on the council for 12 years in the late 1980s and 1990s. I’ve been on the TIF Committee and Planning and Zoning. I have been back on the council for five years.


What do you hope to accomplish on the council?

My goal is to help Kalona continue to be a community that people want to live in, raise a family in or retire in. We are very lucky to have the schools, churches, retirement home/village, rec center, YMCA, pool, park and many programs for all ages here. 

I would also like to see other opportunities, such as walking and biking paths and more. 

I would also like to see that our streets and infrastructure is in the best condition possible.


What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you?

If elected, I want to be visible in the community. I’m willing and open to listen to anyone who has a question or opinion on anything concerning Kalona or any decision they hear that we have made.

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