Jeremy Pickard

Occupation: Dean of instruction at Muscatine Community College, one of the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges

Family: Renea, spouse; Abby, daughter, 2016 Mid-Praire graduate, 2019 UNI graduate, currently in master’s program at UNI; Dominick, son, 2019 Mid-Prairie graduate, currently studying biochemistry at Muscatine Community College; Camron, son, freshman at Mid-Prairie High School; Jonathon, son, fifth grade at Mid-Prairie Middle School; Samantha, daughter, third grade at Mid-Prairie East Elementary.


Why are you running for school board?

There are many personal and professional reasons why am running for the Mid-Prairie school board. As a dean of instruction at Muscatine Community College, a portion of my responsibilities are to work with six area high schools our college serves. I regularly meet with the chief administrator of the AEA, superintendents, principals and counselors as we provide college credit courses for high school students. Serving on the Mid-Prairie board has provided an in-depth understanding of school finance, weighted funding and sharing incentive dollars, which has been beneficial in fostering these partnerships. My personal reasons have been my five children who are in or have graduated from Mid-Prairie. 


What do you think qualifies you to serve on the school board?

PhD in educational leadership and policy studies from Iowa State University; BA secondary education; former high school teacher; former high school coach; former college professor; current college administrator. I have served on the Mid-Prairie school board for several years and am currently serving as the school board president.


What do you hope to accomplish on the board?

My hope is the board continues as a highly functioning team who bases decisions in data that benefits all students and supports the mission of Mid-Prairie. One of the main reasons I decided to run for re-election is to be part of hiring our next superintendent when Mr. Schneider decides to retire. 

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