Angela Lamb

Occupation: Assistant director, academic support and retention, University of Iowa

Family: Husband, Jake, teaches high school science in West Liberty, daughter Rachel is a fourth-grader and son Ryan is in first grade.


Why are you running for school board?

Mid-Prairie’s mission is “preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world in a caring learning environment.” The district’s mission is why I’m running for school board. 

I want to contribute to students’ personal and academic development, serve the community, and build on the positive work that happens every day in our schools. 

Board members have an important role in fulfilling our district’s mission and I’m committed to this role.


What do you think qualifies you to serve on the school board?

I have an MA in educational policy and leadership studies and a BBA in management. I’ve worked in public education administration, human resources, and student success for more than 10 years and taught student development classes for almost five years. 

Board members must employ strong critical thinking skills, make data driven, fact-based decisions and understand implications of their decisions. 

Board members should also be experienced leaders, knowledgeable of the education system and its ancillary services, familiar with concepts of student development, open to feedback, desire to serve the community, and possess effective communication skills. 

I have these qualifications and would bring a unique perspective to the board. 


What do you hope to accomplish on the board?

Per board policy, only those who “believe public education is important, support the democratic process, willingly devote time and energy to board work, respect educators and have the ability to examine the facts and make a decision” should run for school board. 

I want to meet these expectations and provide input on decisions and policies that also meet the needs of our students, teachers, and staff.


What would you say to an undecided voter to convince them to vote for you?

I’ve never been on the school board, but I’ve served MPCSD in other ways- including the School Improvement Advisory Committee and co-managing the 2017 district needs assessment. 

I’ve dedicated my career to education because I’m passionate about it. I hope voters recognize and value this, as well as my qualifications, and vote for me.

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